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Activate Your Own Simcard Now! The only PREPAID LOADING BUSINESS in the country using 4 different platforms, a mark of a real industry leader!


Do you want to activate an ordinary sim to become a 1 Sim Loads All Network and earn an unlimited daily income by just sharing this  amazing business? Be A Distributor!

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Historical Background

Philippines is the “TEXTING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”. Yes, it is a fact! For this reason, spouses BRICK Y. AGCOPRA and LEILA V. AGCOPRA decided to start a prepaid load business in November of 2011. Powered by its own propriety SELF-LOADING technology, the business was designed to empower all mobile phone users by providing discount and business opportunity. Thus, SELF-LOAD PREPAID VENTURES or SPV was established. It was registered at the Department of Trade and Industry last November 21, 2011 as a single proprietorship entity under the name of Ms. Leila V. Agcopra.
It was not an easy start. But, with the expertise of the man behind SPV Mr. Brick Y. Agcopra as a successful network marketer himself with the assistance of his wife, they were able to steer the company to becoming an industry leader. Its operation went full swing on April of 2012. By GOD’s grace, it was able to launched more than 200 LOADING OUTLETS and at least 80,000 subscribers all over the archipelago by middle of year 2014. The company is now considered as the leader in 3 in 1 LOADING INDUSTRY.
The success of SPV inspired Mr. and Mrs. AGCOPRA to expand its business operation by venturing to other consumable products ranging from PERSONAL CARE, BEAUTY, WELLNESS, AGRICULTURAL and TECHNOLOGY related products. To realize it, SPVTOP INTERNATIONAL INC. , a new corporation was formed and registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission last September 12, 2014 since the DTI registered SELF-LOAD PREPAID VENTURES is not authorize to offer products other than prepaid loads. The objective of this corporation is to boost the income potential of its distributors through wide array of daily consumable products apart from its already existing and flourishing PREPAID LOAD business. With the combined power of INTERNET and MOBILE PHONE, SPVTOP INTERNATIONAL INC. is determined to bring its dedicated leaders and members towards heights they have never been and experience what it is like to be on TOP.

The Management

Brick Y. Agcopra

Brick Y. Agcopra

General Manager

Leila V. Agcopra

Leila V. Agcopra

Finance And Administrative Officer

Harry Y. Agcopra

Harry Y. Agcopra

Business Development Manager

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